Most Profitable Forex Trading Indicator 2021 | Helpful For Beginners



Trading Rules:

1. Platform - Metatrader 4
2. Asset - Any Currency Pair
3. Candle Timeframe - 30 Minutes & Above
4. Trading Time - European Sessions & New York Sessions

5. When a light gray colored box appears on the chart, it is an alert that you have an opportunity to buy or sell trade here. 

When the gray color of the box turns dark then you have to be ready to take the trade.

According to the trade setup you have to take the trade, that means if there are buy signals then you will see 3 take profit level in the blue color on the upper side of the gray box, and stop loss will appear at the lower point of the gray box. 

In the opposite direction there will be sell signals level, but take profit level will appear in red color.

6. Trade Exit you have to take trade setup box only when it is exhausted. Means you took trade, price goes up to 1st take profit level, only then trade setup box ends, then only you have to take trade exit and not more Have to wait till price goes 2nd and 3rd take profit level, if you do this, you may also loss.

7. If I believe, I recommend you to take trade exit when the price reaches the 1st take profit level. By booking such small profits, you can earn big profits.

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